Here to end the “Young Adult Struggle”

Equipt is a comprehensive online learning program that shows you how to fully prepare for college, for work, for life. Think of it as a skills boost, so you can get where you want to go.

Some kids have it all together. It’s true, they really do. Others are having a tough time and don’t seem interested in any help at all — we hate that, but it’s also true.

There’s a third kind of kid — not getting where she or he wants to go, totally aware of it and not okay with it at all.

We started Equipt for that kid.

Practical skills are what you need. Equipt is your practical launchpad.

The “Young Adult Struggle” is real – and Equipt exists to shorten and lessen it through practical skills.

  • How to make better decisions
  • Create your own path
  • Build powerful habits
  • Develop valuable relationships
  • Manage stress better
  • And more!

It’s all here, within a community of like-minded, life-minded people.

What Equipt Users Think:

Lilie, 19

“I learned valuable lessons leading me to improve my character and approach to life. I felt encouraged to look around me and make positive changes to myself immediately. I know Equipt will impact my future for the better!”

Ethan, 18

“Equipt provided solid advice for me to have a better understanding of what it takes to excel in areas that are critical to a successful and positive impact on our world.”

Erin, 17

“Some things I learned were skills for building relationships, how to manage money well, how to define goals, how to maintain physical health, and so much more. I would definitely recommend Equipt to anyone!”

Natalie, 16

“Equipt has helped me reflect and look back at situations I could have handled differently. It has helped me grow as a student-athlete to help me handle a lot of real-world situations that I didn’t even know I have been through… an incredibly useful tool! Thank you!”

What you Get:

  • Membership in a community of other growth-focused peers who inspire, support, and hold one another accountable
  • Exclusive access to the Equipt University online course, your step-by-step plan for defeating the “young adult struggle”
  • Exclusive access to the Equipt Resources Vault, a collection of helpful tools to assist you on your journey
  • Experience-led perspective and mentorship

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